Dr Reality - Dave Champion

About Dr Reality

Dave Champion is a former Army Ranger, with a law enforcement background. In the private sector Dave is a businessman turned journalist, having hosted his own radio and television shows from 2000 through 2018.

Champion has an extensive background in legal studies. He served as legal consultant on state & federal regulatory matters, as well as a constitutional law advisor. Dave is a public speaker, having lectured on numerous subjects, including the United States Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, 14th Amendment, 16th Amendment, the history and proper limited application of the income tax, government relations, and human physiology. Dave is a former martial arts instructor and a renown firearms, tactics, and use-of-force instructor.

Dave’s first book is the groundbreaking and widely acclaimed “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”. Dave’s second book, based on years of research, is “Body Science: The New 21st Century Understanding Of How Your Physiology Really Works, Leave The Myths And Lies Behind, Get Healthier Than You (Or Your Doctor) Ever Imagined And Avoid Chronic Disease”.

Body Science” is the result of research into the core principles of human physiology, leading to a visionary understanding of how every person on the planet can get healthy, stay healthy, and reduce their odds of chronic disease to virtually zero. That life-affirming scientific revelation is found in “Body Science”.