Can You Avoid Alzheimer’s?

The simple answer is most people can indeed avoid ever getting Alzheimer’s. That’s some incredibly good news, right? Yet you won’t hear that from the medical or pharmaceutical industries. Do you not find that odd; you can avoid Alzheimer’s but the medical and pharmaceutical industries won’t talk about it? It’s not as odd as you might imagine when you consider two facts…

  1. There is no medical “treatment” for Alzheimer’s so the medical industry has nothing for which it can bill you or your insurance company. From the perspective of the medical industry, if there’s no money in it for them there’s nothing to talk about.
  2. Despite its best efforts to develop drugs that will prevent Alzheimer’s, the pharmaceutical industry has come up empty. And like the medical industry, if there’s no money in it for them there’s nothing to talk about.

You may have noticed a theme; they have nothing to say because there’s no money in it for them. I have a different perspective. Because I am an independent physiologist, not an MD or a researcher with ties to the pharmaceutical industry, I can speak freely without fearing retribution in the form of loss of employment, attacks on reputation, withholding of research grants, etc.

Medical Industry Profits vs Your Health

Allow me to digress for a moment to share with you a true story that illustrates the inherent conflict between the medical industry and your health.

Medical Profits vs Health Scale

When I first wrote Body Science, one of my test readers was a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in cardiology. He practices cardiology at the largest, most prestigious, cardiology office in the city in which he lives. After reading Body Science he was incredibly excited. After seeing the physiology revealed in “Body Science” (which is not taught in medical school) he felt like he finally had the tools to truly make a difference in the lives of his patients. Based on his plan-of-action with his clients I had 4”x6” resource cards printed for his patients to simplify getting their hands on the resource he was planning on recommending. (On the cards appeared an image of Body Science’s cover and a URL where it can be acquire. Nothing more.) But a strange thing happened….  When he began sharing his good news with the MDs who were partners in the practice, he found them to be oddly quiet. Eventually they ask him into a meeting at which they told him he could not give patients the resource card. They said it was the policy of the practice not to recommend any products other than those approved by the American Medical Association or the pharmaceutical industry. A charitable view of their prohibition is it was indeed the policy of the practice, even if an absurd policy not in the best interest of the patients. A less charitable view is the partners understood having patients read Body Science would reduce the number of patients needing the services of a cardiologist in the future, thus adversely affecting the practice’s revenues. Imagine medical doctors blocking patients from being informed of a resource that would correct their heart problems so that the firm wouldn’t suffer loss of revenue. That true story illustrates the inherent conflict between your health and the medical industry’s desire for ever-increasing revenues.

Brain Break

I said a moment ago that I am free to speak openly; free to give you the facts. Let’s begin with what Alzheimer’s is. Vox offered a particularly stark – and accurate – description in a 2021 article. Vox describes Alzheimer’s as “a disease that robs a person of their identity and disintegrates their relationships; for which there is no proven treatment or cure; and that can last for years, requiring enormous sums of money to ensure that many patients have specialized or round-the-clock care. And it all leads toward an inevitable destination: death. Because this is also a disease with a 100 percent fatality rate.”

Every month I see articles about the latest “study” that supposedly reveals yet another “piece of the puzzle” concerning what causes Alzheimer’s/dementia. Those articles are PR, not science. Science already knows what causes Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What Causes Alzheimer’s?

The culprit is a build-up of amyloid beta in the brain, which blocks neuron communication between brain cells. Amyloid beta is produced by proteolysis of amyloid precursor protein (APP). Another substance that plays a role is Insulin Degrading Enzyme (IDE). When on-going interruption of neuron communication reaches a certain point the medical community puts a name to it; usually Alzheimer’s. But here’s the thing. A diagnoses of Alzheimer’s isn’t made by science identifying too much or too little amyloid beta, APP, or IDE. The diagnosis is made solely from symptoms. Science doesn’t even know what levels of APP or IDE would be considered high, normal, or low. And the only way to detect the volume of amyloid beta in the brain is during an autopsy. We can go further and discuss that science has little evidence indicating what APP does in the body other than produce numerous protein peptides in the amyloid family. The same is true of IDE. While science knows it degrades harmful insulin in the brain, most of what else it does remains shrouded mystery.

There has been a recent acknowledgement in the Alzheimer’s research community that inflammation plays a significant role in the development of Alzheimer’s/dementia. That acknowledgment is seriously late to the party. Inflammation is a predictable consequence of amyloid beta not being removed from the brain, as the body intends, but which isn’t occurring in the modern world. (I’ll explain why that is shorty.)

Alzheimer’s Unknown Pre-20th Century

Alzheimer’s is a disease of modern society. Before the turn of the 20th century there are no records of any condition in the elderly (or anyone else) that would describe Alzheimer’s. In other words, in roughly 130 years mankind has gone from no records describing Alzheimer’s to Alzheimer’s being one of the most prolific chronic diseases. The following numbers should give you an idea of where the U.S. is in terms of Alzheimer’s current rapid growth. During the period of 2020 and 2021 Alzheimer’s cases increased 16%. From 2000 through 2019 deaths from Alzheimer’s rose an astounding 145%. Over the next 28 years (2050) Alzheimer’s is projected to increase more than 115%.

Unchecked amyloid beta build-up in the brain is obviously occurring in an ever-enlarging percentage of the U.S. population. Prior to the 20th century amyloid beta build-up was unheard of. Today amyloid beta build-up in the brain is rapidly growing into an epidemic. While science cannot fix precisely how long mankind has existed on the planet, the homo genus (modernistic humans) are thought to have been present for millions of years. So…for millions of years there was no Alzheimer’s, but over the last 130 years the occurrence of amyloid beta build-up in the brain has accelerated dramatically.

It should be manifest that instead of searching for “a pill”, we should be asking what changed over the last 130 years and whether it’s possible to return our bodies to a condition in which amyloid beta does NOT build up in the brain. The good news is that we know what changed and you can return your body to the state in which amyloid beta does not build up in the brain.

Alzheimer’s Foundation Laid Decades Before Diagnosis

It is important to recognize that Alzheimer’s doesn’t “just happen”. It is a process. (Loss of memory is merely a discernible symptom of the brain’s overall functions degrading due to the build-up of amyloid beta.) More to the point it is a process that begins decades before symptoms appear and reach the level at which an MD pronounces the patient has clinical Alzheimer’s. It may be an eerie sensation to realize that unbeknownst to you amyloid beta is slowly, inexorably, building up in you brain, laying the foundation for a future clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s (which is a death sentence) and no one in the medical industry will tell you that – or more importantly – tell you how to stop it from continuing to build up in your brain, because there’s NO MONEY for them in telling you how to stop it. Not only is there no money for them today in telling you how to stop it, but if the public understood how to stop it there would be no money for the medical industry in the future.

Chronic Disease: The Common Factors

A moment ago I shared a story with you about a cardiology practice that forbade a Nurse Practitioner from telling patients how to prevent heart disease. The story is the same when it comes to other chronic diseases, such as type-2 diabetes, hypertension, insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc.  The reason I bring that up is the root cause of all of those diseases, and Alzheimer’s, is the same. As with Alzheimer’s; type-2 diabetes, hypertension, insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc., were also virtually unknown prior to the beginning of the 20th century. That’s because the same factors that constitute the foundation of future occurrences of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc., are the same factors that lay the foundation for Alzheimer’s!

Lifestyle choices

When I told you the story of my Nurse Practitioner friend in the cardiology field, did it catch your attention when I mentioned that what he discovered in Body Science is not taught in medical school? My friend began his career working in the ER. He then moved to the ICU. After obtaining his Masters he chose to specialize in cardiology and embarked on that training. At no time during his academic studies did he encounter the science he discovered in Body Science. Further, in his many years working with top-flight MDs in various medical disciplines he never heard from them the physiology he found in Body Science. That’s no surprise to me.

What Medical Doctors Say About Body Science

Numerous doctors read the transcript of Body Science before it was published, and many have read the book since publication. Every one of the doctors with whom I’ve spoken said the same thing; they knew bits and pieces from medical school but had never seen the majority of facts, data, and evidence provided, and certainly not presented in such a comprehensive manner. One doctor told me that compared to Body Science, the training he received in medical school was like being in a large dark room with a tiny flashlight; only seeing small glimpses without context or physiological relationship. He told me reading Body Science was like being in that same dark room and having someone turn the lights on; suddenly everything is visible at one time, there is now context, and most importantly is how the various elements of human physiology discussed in Body Science are all intimately related in function and impact on our health.

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With all this talk about medical professionals, what do ordinary people say about Body Science? *

“Dave does an excellent job breaking down the body’s physiology into easy-to-understand terms that clearly illustrate the problems facing most Americans’ health.”

“From beginning to end the book was very comfortable and enjoyable to read. Laid out in very simple easy to follow and understand terms and explanations that anyone in high school or above will have zero issues making sense of. Not only was it an easy read, it was quite a page turner in that the material presented was not dry or boring in the least.

Body Science is well written and easy to understand, even the ‘sciencey’ parts.”

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Here’s How To Avoid Chronic Diseases!

At this point an accurate summation would be that when you discover the physiology presented in Body Science you will have the tools not only to prevent Alzheimer’s [except in the tiny percentage of cases in which genetic abnormalities are responsible], but also avoid any and all chronic diseases that have become so prevalent over the last 130 years. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to never again worry about developing Alzheimer’s, type-2 diabetes, hypertension, insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc? I’ve done it, as have thousands of others, and you can too! All it takes is understanding the science, which Body Science lays out beautifully for you.

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