A powerful eye-opening collection of writings by Dave Champion.

Using the government’s own statutes, regulations, Supreme Court decisions, Treasury Orders, Treasury Decision, and internal IRS documents, “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” blows the lid off the public narrative that if you earn a living you owe some to the IRS.

Body Science reveals the grotesque and destructive falsehoods that have saturated our society for 60 year concerning food, nutrition, and true physiology of our bodies, leading America evermore deeply into the worst health crisis in world history. Body Science show you have the body TRULY works, and how to return yourself to healthy state in which nature intends you to live!

The Business Withholding Guide is a concise yet powerful 14-page Guide provides the statutes Congress has enacted (and their regulations) concerning payroll withholding. Virtually everyone engaged in withholding from an ordinary American worker will tell you withholding is required by law. Yet these same people can NEVER tell you the law says, or where it is to be found. (Hint: The law does NOT demand, require, or permit, what they imagine it does!)