Why does a high triglyceride count mean you’re at risk of heart disease & heart attack? Here’s why…

Your body has its ordinary healthy mode of functioning, and then it has its “emergency mode” in which it struggles to adjust – to compensate – for what you’re doing to it when you eat like crap. (After 60 years of blatant establishment lies, what most people think is “eating healthy”, isn’t.)

Your body goes into “emergency mode” when it must rapidly eradicate poisonous glucose in your blood. (Poisonous = any volume above baseline.) There are several mechanisms by which your body does this. One is to employ toxic levels of insulin to force all glucose above baseline into the cells so it can be incinerated.

While the cells are being stuffed full of glucose so they can incinerate it as part of the emergency process, the cells cannot accept their genetically proper fuel source; fatty acids [carried though the blood in the form of triglycerides]. When the cells cannot accept what the body needs them to accept – fatty acids – the triglycerides stack up in the blood.

Blood is a transport mechanism, not a warehouse. When you convert blood from a transport mechanism to a warehouse, it is highly abusive. One of the consequences of that abuse is, over time, your body develops (among other things) cardiovascular disease. To gain more insight into how your body truly functions, and get completely healthy, read “Body Science”. https://drreality.news/product/body-science/

PS. If what appears above contradicts how you think about cellular energy, the Krebs cycle, glucose as the body’s “preferred fuel”, etc., this is the point when I need to tell you that you’ve been lied to. The good news is the truth revealed in Body Science is so clear that once you see it it will completely wipe away the falsehoods you’ve been fed.

PPS. In order to keep this missive streamline, I excluded discussion of the “Hepatic Lipid System”, which is the other arm of you body’s glucose-clearing “emergency mode” I discuss in significant detail in “Body Science”.

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