Would it surprise you to learn the medical establishment has it all wrong concerning atherosclerosis? Here is a line from an NIH report on atherosclerosis; “As people grow older, fat, cholesterol, and calcium build up in the walls of arteries and form hard structures called plaques.” Wrong! Aging has nothing to do with it. An abusive diet is the ONLY cause of atherosclerosis (unless one has a genetic disorder.)

It is this simple…

A high carb diet produces a high blood glucose level, which in turn produces a high insulin response. That repeat cycle creates massive inflammation. One of the ways chronic inflammation manifests is causing small injuries to the arterial wall.

Cholesterol – a protective substance – rushes in to salve the injury. One might think of this cholesterol as spackle filling the “crevices” caused by the inflammation injury. Calcium follows soon after to create a protective shell over the cholesterol as it works to heal the injury. Think of the cholesterol and its calcium covering as an arterial wound scab.

If your arterial lining is injured by transitory inflammation, such as an infection, you want cholesterol & calcium to heal the injury, right? The problem today is the Standard American Diet creates chronic inflammation. This continuous inflammation results in on-going injury to the arterial wall. Continuous injuries cause the body to constantly send cholesterol & calcium to repair the frequent injuries.

What is desirable every now and again to repair a rare injury (and then fade away over time) develops into a dangerous situation when cholesterol & calcium (scabs) become so numerous in the arteries they obstruct the flow of blood, and the sheer number of “scabs” (which are relatively hard) diminish arterial flexibility. This is what the medical industry calls atherosclerosis. 

The problem is no cardiologist ever explains the process as I just did. In fact, most cardiologists, being establishment wonks, just repeat dogma such as “It’s your high cholesterol.” In reality it’s the constantly repeated high glucose/high insulin cycle! 

Want to know the TRUTH? Read “Body Science” where the larger picture is described just as clearly as the truth of atherosclerosis was here!


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